What does your dog need?


Need Obedience training?

Obedience training is comprised of walking on a loose leash, sitting, lying down, staying, and coming when called. These five behaviors are the core knowledge which every dog should possess. When I teach them, I strive to make sure every dog fully understands what it is that I am asking, so that the end result is a companion who is truly attentive and responds enthusiastically to direction.

Solutions --> Consider the Puppy Package, Off-Leash Basics, or Individual Lessons.

Is Your dog Fearful?

Fear can take many forms, and it is often difficult to know the root cause of a dog's deep-seated phobia. However, it is possible to reverse the effects of that fear and teach your dog to remain calm in uncertain situations. Whether your dog's fear involves grooming, vehicles, people, or anything else, I can help you rehabilitate your dog, building trust and confidence along the way.

Solution --> Individual Lessons

need Manners?

One of the biggest elements missing from most dog training programs is self-control. While many dogs go through obedience training and earn a nice certificate, often they maintain terrible habits at home. I will work with you to decide upon and enforce behaviors which make living with your dog easy. From furniture rules to answering doors, from resisting human food to jumping, a dog that knows limits is happy to make you happy.

Solutions --> Consider the Puppy Package or Individual Lessons

Is your dog aggressive?

Often overlapping with fear, aggression can be the most detrimental behavior to your relationship with your dog. I have taught numerous dogs to cope with their uncertainty, looking to people for guidance in stressful situations. Regardless of your dog's trigger - people, animals, possessiveness, etc. - there is a way to turn things around. While it is best to intervene the first time you witness aggression from your dog, even a dog with multiple bites on its record can be saved.

Solution --> Individual Lessons


Need a walker?

Ideally every dog would get half an hour or more of walking each day, and the average workday is a long time for your dog to be left alone. That's where a dog walker can come in. Whether you need help for a special occasion or on a regular basis, get a dog walker that you can trust, dedicated to walking one dog at a time. For many dog walkers, this is a volume business - they might walk a dozen dogs at once. But if you want your dog to be the center of attention then you need a committed, trained professional.

Solution --> Dog Walking

Do you need a service dog?

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