Educator Barkless Pro Anti-Bark Collar

Educator Barkless Pro Anti-Bark Collar


This anti-bark collar comes with a variety of settings and modes for your needs. With stimulation levels 1-8, you can choose the intensity of the correction for your dog's bark. I recommend the progressive setting, which will start low and rise as your dog continues to bark, then reset to 1 after your dog has been quiet for 10 minutes. Sensitivity controls allow you to adjust the device for smaller dogs with soft barks, or larger dogs with loud barks. Stop your dog’s nuisance barking now!

- 5 Second Safety Delay Between Stimulation Activations.

- 3 Stimulation Modes: Tone Only, 8 Levels and Auto Mode.

- 3 Levels of Adjustable Bark Sensitivity.

- Ability to Turn Pavlovian Tone Off (Great for tone superstitious dogs).

- LED Light to Indicate Battery Status.

- Employs 2 Hours Quick Charge Li-Po Battery.

- Adaptable to Various Size Dogs and Different Breeds.

- Advanced Vibration Sensor Technology eliminating false activations.

- Fully Waterproof and Shock Resistance.

- Constructed with Antibacterial Plastic.

- Short and Long (Low Nickel) Stainless Steel Contact Points.

- Proprietary ABST (Advanced Bark Suppression Technology).

- Bark Counter

- Sleep Mode (battery conservation)

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