Curogan Ultra-Plus Collar, 3.2 mm

Curogan Ultra-Plus Collar, 3.2 mm


Curogan is a copper alloy, for dogs with an allergy to the metal in other collars. This hypoallergenic alternative prevents the redness, irritation, and fur-loss that some dogs experience with chrome or stainless steel.

Not every dog responds to the level of correction offered by a slip leash. In fact, most dogs I train use some variation of prong collar. They are also great for owners whose size and strength may not match their dog. The blunted prongs are designed to safely and evenly compress around the dog’s neck when pulled, providing a pinching sensation.

Each collar comes with 10 prongs. The collar fits dogs with neck circumferences of 52 cm or less, and the prongs are 3.2 mm. You may expand the collars by purchasing additional links.

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