British Slip Lead

British Slip Lead

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The most basic item in my toolkit is the a six-foot British Slip Lead by Mendota Products. Depending on the size of the dog, I will use either a rope 3/8 inches (for dogs under 50 lbs) or 1/2 inches in diameter (for dogs over 50 lbs). This is best for puppies and dogs with soft temperaments, that are sensitive to correction. This is functionally identical to a metal slip-chain, except that it does not require custom sizing for your dog.

Colors may vary - to another shade of blue or a blue-blend. You won't be surprised by a hot pink leash.

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How to Put On a Slip Leash


1) Open the collar for your dog’s head. If you dog will be walking on your left, form a letter “P” with the rope. Reverse if you want your dog to walk to your right.

2) Slide the collar over your dog’s head and pull it comfortably snug.

3) Slide the leather tab down until it is about an inch from the ring. This is to keep your dog from escaping the leash.

4) Release the tension on the rope. The collar should fit comfortably snug, but be open enough that you can easily slide a hand underneath.

*No corrective collar should ever be used to choke your dog or otherwise cause pain. Doing so is a misuse of the tool. In addition, no constrictive collar should ever be left on your dog while unattended.