Dog Sitting

Going out of town and need someone to look after your dog? We can ensure your dog is well cared for, exercised, and safe during your trip. Hiring a dog sitter means you won’t have to bring your pet to a kennel, with all the noise, changing faces, and stress that entails for your dog. Your dog can remain comfortably at home and see a familiar face each day. Plus, your dog will be the sitter’s sole focus each night.

Here is what’s included when you use Connell’s Dog Training LLC for your dog-sitting needs:

  • We will walk and feed your dog dinner in the evening. The walk can be up to 30 minutes in length, and may include other play like tug-o-war or fetch. We can also ensure your dog gets any necessary medication with their food.

  • Your dog will get a final outing before bed. This will coincide with your usual bedtime when you are home, for familiarity.

  • Your sitter is on-call overnight: You can invite your sitter to live in your home for the duration of your trip, or we can set up a webcam to keep an eye on things. Your sitter has no other dogs to visit overnight, so your dog is his or her sole concern!

  • We’ll wake your dog at the usual time. Your dog will get a 30-minute walk and/or playtime, breakfast (medication if needed), and then a final trip outside before the sitter departs.

  • Your dog will get two 30-minute visits during the day. We’ll space them out to keep dogs from waiting too long at any point.

  • We can take care of other things too. We’ll collect your mail, water plants, turn lights on and off, etc. Just ask!

  • Webcam access is included. We’ll set up a WiFi-connected webcam in the living room or other common area. You can check in on your dog anytime!


Dog Sitting Service - $150 per night

Additional dogs - $15 per dog, per night

Extra 15 min. to walk/play - $5 per occurrence



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